Ph.D. Fellows

The Mellichamp Initiative is committed to deepening its involvement in graduate training by sponsoring PhD fellowships under the theme of “21st Century Global Dynamics.” These one-quarter competitive fellowships are awarded to students across the UCSB campus with the aim of supporting Cluster activities and providing mentorship opportunities.

Leila Zonouzi photo
PhD Fellow, Global Studies
Ingmar Sturm photo
PhD Fellow, Political Science
Chengyuan Xu photo
PhD Fellow, Media Arts and Technology
Tina Guirguis photo
PhD Fellow, Global Studies
Megan Reilly photo
PhD Fellow, Film & Media Studies
Vashishtha Doshi photo
PhD Fellow, Political Science
Mohammadreza Mirzaei photo
PhD Fellow, Art & Architecture
Sara Lafia photo
PhD Fellow, Geography
Charlotte Orzel photo
PhD Fellow, Film and Media Studies
Brett Aho photo
PhD Fellow, Global Studies
Christine Murphy photo
PhD Fellow, Religious Studies
Wesley Jacks photo
PhD. Fellow, Film & Media
Onur Kapdan photo
PhD Fellow, Sociology
Yunuen Gómez Ocampo
Ph.D. Fellow, Spanish & Portuguese
Eric Massie
Ph.D. Fellow, History
Natasha Bennett
Ph.D. Fellow, Political Science
lan x le image
Ph.D. Fellow, Film & Media Studies