Review offers a guide to recently published articles about globalization of media and culture. Three times a year we glean titles from this list of journals that feature relevant scholarship across a range of disciplines.

Winter 2017

In this edition, articles published between November 2016 and February 2017 on transcultural influence in the globalization of film and TV genres, on media and communication law, policy, and intellectual property rights, and on contexts of mobile and transmedia use, among others.

Fall 2016

This edition features select journal articles published between July and October 2016, on topics such as postcoloniality and cultural representation in dominant media and film, international policy debate on freedom of the media, and creative industries & cultural policy, among others.

Spring 2016

Journal articles published between March and June 2016 are covered in this collection, dealing with material, technical, institutional, and labor aspects of media industry transformation and consumption, as well as the globalizing play of cultural capital influence on media micro markets.

Winter 2016

This edition features journal articles published between November 2015 and February 2016, on select aspects of the Asian film industry, transnational television, labor practices and global linkages, as well as recent articles by leading media industries scholars.