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The institutions and organizations referenced on this page represent extensive resources for research, teaching, international activism, as well as scholarly and activist networking in the area of human rights.

Human Rights Institute of the University of Connecticut
The Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut is a leading innovator in research and teaching that critically engages contemporary dynamics and discourses on the theory and practice of human rights throughout the world. The website offers links to a rich set of Resources for human rights research.

Human Rights Library of the University of Minnesota
The Human Rights Library at the University of Minnesota host a multi-lingual website containing an extensive range of resources including human rights documents and materials, search engines, mirror sites, and other information about the collection, teaching/learning/job opportunities, and more.

Scholars at Risk Network
The website offers a set of Publications and Resources including academic freedom-related reports, guidelines, scholarly works and other resources prepared by Scholars at Rick and its partners.

The website of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights provides extensive publications and resources as well as news and information about the various UN bodies related to human rights, their governance structures and procedures, details about the Universal Periodic Review process, and more.

H-Net "H-Human Rights"
H-Human-Rights is a discussion network for scholars, policymakers, authors, historians, and other interested people devoted to the history, analysis, theory, and practice of human rights. The site is divided into areas for Discussions, Reviews of publications, and other relevant Resources (articles and journals, bibliographies, conference notes, cross-network projects, dissertations & theses in progress, and resources for teaching, research, professional development, and more.

A multilingual, online forum for debating human rights movements worldwide, supported by the University of Minnesota, the Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundations, University of Ottawa, American Association for the Advancement of Science and Prospera - The International Network of Women's Funds.

Human Rights Internet - Canada
A web-based resources where people and organizations can access current and reliable human rights information and resources that inspire education, advocacy and dialogue in Canada and beyond.